Michael Roth and Associates designed a new addition and renovated an existing kitchen, office and bathroom for the Goddard School in Fenton. The addition includes a classroom, gym, bathroom and a corridor connecting the new addition to the existing building. The corridor not only provides a transition between the existing building and the new addition, but also provides natural light into the new addition, overlooking the outdoor play area.

Due to the tight existing site conditions, MRA designed the new addition to fit in the unused sideyard of the existing building, creating a buffer between the outdoor play area and the busy road adjacent to the existing building. By placing the new addition in this location, MRA was able to not only protect the existing outdoor play area from the noise and chaos of the street, but also provide shade to the play equipment through the use of colored canopies over the large windows in the addition.

During the construction of the new addition and renovation of the existing building, the school remained occupied and operational. Since the building is a school for young children, safety and phasing of the construction was a primary concern. The existing building areas were renovated while the addition was constructed on the exterior side of the existing building. Once the addition was complete, the connection between the existing building and the new addition was completed, allowing the addition to be occupied.