In the event of a national emergency, the U.S Coast Guard takes a central role in protecting lives and property. In 2009 the USCG made the decision to move its central emergency call center to their existing facilities in the Robert A. Young Federal Office Building in St. Louis, which would require a 50-station call center for additional personnel who will come to St. Louis in the event of an emergency.

MRA was selected by the GSA to be the architect to modify the Coast Guard’s facilities to meet the new security requirements necessitated for the call center and to design the reconfiguration their existing offices to meet their day-to-day functions.

The USCG worked with and independent security consultant to define the project requirements, which included remodeling almost 10,000 sf of their existing 22,000 sf facility. MRA worked with the consultant to define a 3-phase project that would improve the space to meet new requirements while existing USCG personnel and functions could continue in place during the construction.