Michael Roth & Associates was selected by the State of Missouri to design a new 31,000 s.f. forensic mental health building addition on the campus of the Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center.

The new addition houses the following:

  •  Three Wards Totaling 66 Beds
  • Library
  •  Chapel
  •  Dining Area/Kitchen
  •  Data Processing
  •  Storage
  •  Activity Space
  •  Offices and Administrative Area
  •  Mechanical Room

The project also included renovation of an approximately 7,400 s.f. pool area in the existing Center Building to accommodate office and programming spaces. During the pre-design phase of this project, a Needs Assessment was conducted to ascertain the spatial needs of the new facility. The study outlined the current and future uses of the building and the spatial and operational needs associated with those uses. The building layout was configured for optimal traffic flow and sensitivity to the occupants and staff.

Two buildings on the campus of the Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center – the Blair and Hoctor buildings – were renovated to accommodate the Predator Program, which is envisioned to serve an ultimate population of 100-150 clients. Renovations in these buildings include installation of a new sprinkler system, replacement of ceiling tiles, replacement of doors and locks, minor bathroom repairs, elevator repairs, installation of kitchen equipment, cameras and security system and interior painting. Demolition of a small maintenance building and construction of a replacement prefabricated maintenance facility were also included in the project scope.